A Dollar Short

By Ztar • December 4, 2019

It was a late night and my mom and I were driving home when we passed by a convenience store where she spotted an elotero (the corn man) as we drove back around we stopped him so that we could buy corn. I knew I had a $20 in my wallet so my mom and I each got a corn and got some chips to take to my nephew at home.

But as soon as I opened up the bill, I realized it was actually a $5 bill and the total of what we got was $6.

I could've gone inside the store to get more cash but I honestly wasn't comfortable going inside alone because it was late and not the best part of town, so my mom told me to just leave my nephews chips. I knew they were the extra dollar so I told him I would leave them and give him the $5.

As I put them down,my mom and I were about to start walking to the car when the young guy next to us (waiting to get his order) offered to pay for them. He said " Hey take the chips, I'll get them" and I honestly thought to myself like whaat lol but he insisted so we said thank you and left.

It may have "just" been a dollar but still, he didn't have to do that and it was like his first instinct as soon as he saw me put them down, my mom and I were so happy and that was just a really nice thing to do, so thanks guy my nephew was happy too :)


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