Shout Out To The Printer Who Helped Me Out With My Mom's Funeral Program This Week

By A Friend • October 29, 2019

My mom passed away about 5 weeks ago...we're having a service for her this weekend.

I wanted to make a program for the funeral that had details of her life, photos and some graphics. I wanted it to fold in half like a greeting card so that meant one of the panels had to be flipped upside down...the entire program was really difficult to make, I was extremely distraught the entire time so I wasn't paying attention, I guess.

I sent the file over to my local printer...two-sided color, cost me about $200.

I go to pick up the order and realize I screwed up. I flipped the WRONG panel upside down. So when you fold it in half, my mom's face is upside down on the cover.

I teared up in my car. I'd have to spend another $200 to fix the mistake...I walk back into the printer and show him what happen.

This dude...this totally awesome dude goes: "Oh...well, send me the correct file and I'll take care of it."

He reprinted the whole thing for me for FREE. FREE! He didn't have to do that...I was the one who made the mistake...he would have been totally justified to charge me again to reprint.

It's been a rough several weeks with the passing of my mom. Made me cry when that guy went the extra mile for me and my mom.


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