My 4-Year-Old Almost Made Me Cry This Morning

By A Friend • October 8, 2019

I'm a 30 male with a partner of 8 years with two daughters (4 and 1, birthdays next March). We live on a EXTREMELY high cost/low income island. I work 2 jobs to help provide for my family. We have debt (as most do) and very stressed.

Before I left to go to work this morning, just as I'm standing at the door I always say " Love you pickle, have a good day at school" and today she turned to me and said "have a good day at work daddy too, love you".

I almost broke down in tears. I've not cried in years, even when my Nan passed last year, I hold everything in. She really made my day saying that. It really is the smallest things in life that get you by and that sentence she said almost broke me. I've been in such a good mood all day so far because of her, even if work is currently stressful, she's getting me by.


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