Value Of Words

By Sonia Kaur • September 2, 2019

Words are the heart of human beings. It has tremendous of power. We have never realized that what we speak leaves an impact. I have seen many people who use bad language without realizing that how bad the other must have felt. Everybody has feeling then why don't we realize others's feelings. We always complaint that he hurt me with his words then why don't we think for others. You know once I read in a book. A wise writer said, I don't know the name of writer because it wasn't published on the cover of the book, ok where I was, yes, I was saying a wise writer said that why we suffer whole life? Because what we get we give to others. i.e when we are in the office we always get bully by our superiors and when we come across of infearors we do the same wth them.

One more example. There is a shopkeeper he is selling grocery items, one day a customer comes and gives him 100 rs less. He feels (the shopkeeper) he had been cheated. To make up his 100 rs, he cheats others. So What is the difference between him and the other. So likewise our karma never cut because we never let them cut. We continuously make karma and lead a painful life. Words can work as medicine, they have healing powers. If you simply say I LOVE YOU to someone. It will change a person's moods.

Words can change your world and words can destroy your world as well. What we give is what we get. So as it happens with words. Words can change your life. "Change Your Words, Change Your Life: Understanding the Power of Every Word You Speak." Joyce Meyer

Universe is responding to our each and every words. Even when we don't speak just thinking, the words we use in our thoughts, universe respond the same we are thinking. Do good, think good and speak goods, you will never be upset in your life. It is difficult but not impossible. When you will realize the importance of words you will repent your whole life so pls start practicing now before it gets too late.

You can't imagine that when we pray to god, worlds play a vital role. While praying never use negative words. Always ask good for others and for yourself. From words you can do charity. you must be thinking how? Say GOD BLESS YOU to everybody. You will be blessed first.

In our previous time people use to speak less but sweet. They were so happy and satisfied. If you can't control your tongue, it is better to speak less. Keep yourself busy.

Consequences of words-

1) Bad words always leads to frustrated life. If you hurt someone you will never be happy.

2) Bad words destroy other's mood and your life.

3) You will be left alone.

4) Most importantly you will lose your loved one.

Just go ahead god is always there to help you. First start thinking good. The more you think good the more you speak good. Words are the jewels of a person so use it wisely.


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