Sometimes People Can Surprise You!

By Judith Maduhu • June 19, 2019

It was one busy morning in those rush hours when I hopped into the bus heading town to run some errands, I sat next to some guy his name was Musa.

He said hi and I replied with a smile and our conversation began from there. We talked about a lot of things particularly about life and work and he just began complementing my natural look. He said he was impressed with how natural I was, am a kind of girl who keeps it all natural, no make up and I always keep my African natural hair as it is.

So Musa said those words genuinely and like any girl would, I felt good and appreciated even though it was from a stranger. In the back of my mind I knew he would then ask for my number as most guys do but we reached the end and said goodbye to each other just like that and I have never seen him since then.

So what am trying to say here is that sometimes people aren't always as thought of by the society, so keep seeing the best in people instead of assuming worst things about them.


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