My Dad Is A Hero

By A Friend • June 10, 2019

My dad works at an automotive plant and while working he noticed the lights flicker and heard a noise indicative of electrocution. He ran to the area and saw three men standing outside of a machine in shock. When he asked if everyone was okay they said no and that someone was dead.

My dad asked if someone was in the machine still and when they answered yes he ran inside, felt for a pulse(there was none), pulled him out of the machine and brought him to the ground floor.

My father had radioed his coworker who was a volunteer paramedic at the plant already and when his friend got there they cut his shirt off, preformed cpr, and used an adp on him.

Everyone truly believed this man was dead but my dad said he could just feel that he wasn’t, that he saw life in his eyes still.

The man is alive today after receiving more than 14,000 volts of electricity, only losing a pinky finger in the trauma.

The electricity entered through his finger and out of his elbow.

My dad and the few others who helped are hero’s and his humility makes it 10x more amazing.


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