Thank You Kind Stranger For Consoling Me After My Cousin Died

By A Friend • May 30, 2019

My cousin passed 2 years ago and she was the sister I never had.

A year after her death I was drinking alone and lit a bonfire at my place. I was a mess and scrolled through my phone. I realized I still had her number so I called it. She was always low on funds so had a burner phone with a number that would pass on when her phone was no longer in use. I called this # not thinking anyone would answer. Well, a woman did answer and I was shocked. I told her I was sorry. I was just reminiscing about my late cousin. She stayed on the phone with me for about 10 minutes just to talk.

Thank you kind stranger for consoling me when I was in need. I've struggled with depression and her death hit me harder than I could have imagined.


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