Listen To The Echo!

By Anjali • April 14, 2019

A beautiful, breathtaking tabla music echoed on the air, breaking the silence of the surrounding everyday at blue hour, that the Sun is at a significant depth below the horizon. Many years passed, but still the same tabla practice was going on everyday for three, four hours! Even the birds were silent to listen the soothing music, coming out from a small hut just near a river bank. Adjacent to it, was a very small temple of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

I could hear the sound from my terrace everyday because I used to have my silent prayer on my terrace at that very particular time and the hut was few yards away from my building. I preferred the pre-early morning for my prayer or meditation since the whole surrounding inside or outside was calm and quiet! Very peaceful atmosphere to focus something I wanted!

Winter turned to Spring, but the music never stopped in that particular time. One day, I couldn't resist my anxiety to know who the person was! So, after finishing my morning routine, I stepped forward towards the hut. But I found no one was there and the door was locked from out side. I was little disappointed, then came back home assuming so many things. Three, four times I tried but every time I failed.

At last, I went to the hut a little earlier than the usual trial I made in the previous time, finishing my own scheduled work. Fortunately, I was successful in that day. The music was continuing. Without disturbing, I stood there waiting for the person to come out. Nearly after ten minutes, a middle aged man came out from the hut and he was ready to lock the door. I cleared my throat, making a slow sound to draw his attention. I was right at my attempt. He looked at me and simply said, "Yes! Do you want anything?"

I felt a little awkward at his sudden question. But in the next moment, I said, "Yes! Your music is really amazing!"

"Thanks!" he replied shortly.

"May I ask you some questions?"

"Yes," he said.

"How many years have you been practicing this music? I think, you have already mastered it. It is so beautiful and so perfect!," I passed a complementary statement.

"Thank you for your appreciation! I am practicing it for last three years, but why?", he questioned me immediately.

"Nothing, just like that. I think, if you can visit to any metro city and display your music, it would be wonderful! Thousands of people would come to know and you would earn lots of money, name and fame too! Why don't you try?"

The man looked at me peculiarly, said, "Ma'am, thank you so much for your suggestions. I don't want any of these three. I don't want to commercialise my divine gift. I am happy with whatever I have! Money is not everything. I play it to make my Lord happy and my own self satisfaction, nothing more. When I play tabla, I forget the existence of myself."

Without waiting for any further question, the man passed over my side slowly and walked away.

I wondered at his attitude! In this generation, today's fast pace world, this man ignored the huge amount of money, he could earn!

I didn't understand his philosophy but thought myself whether what he said was valid one or not. Who doesn't care for money? Can we survive without money? Maybe, the man was something different, special!

Whatever it maybe, one sentence of that man echoed in my ear drums again and again ‘money is not everything! And I wished that it would be echoed everywhere!'


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