Superhero Of The Family

By Gayathri.M • April 4, 2019

Whether its anything from the last day of exams or sometimes just the end of another random day at school, he is always there to cheer us cousins up and end the day with an exciting bang! He is none other than the Santa Claus of our family...our uncle.

Everyday holds an exciting surprise, which ranges from something simple like chocolates or pizza to the most complicated things like a pet goldfish or a cute puppy! Someday's he takes us six cousins for rides on Metro trains, while other days its movie time with caramel popcorn or dining at our favourite restaurant, with loads of fun and laughter!

He's more than an uncle...a friend and a father put together! His kindness, thoughtfulness and sacrifice he puts in for each member of the family is what makes him special and unique. No birthday is ever complete without the loads of surprise gifts wrapped with love from his side!

So on the occasion of his birthday, we cousins would like to wish our very special father the most special birthday ever and wish him all the health and happiness!


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