Go Slowly

By Joseph J. Mazzella • March 25, 2019

I tend to go slowly when I drive in the mountains of my home. I am never in much of a hurry. The forest scenery is beautiful no matter what the season. And it is easier to miss the potholes which spring up like dandelions this time of the year. This morning I was driving even slower than usual because an early March snow had turned the roads slick and slippery. Going up a mountain road I had slowed down to under 20 miles per hour. I slowed even further as I rounded a sharp, snowy curve. That is when I saw him. He was a majestic buck deer standing in the middle of the road. I braked even more and came to a full stop. For a few seconds we just stared at each other. His eyes seemed wise and his bearing regal. He had obviously been on this world a lot of years and I didn't want to end his time now. Finally, he nodded his head at me. I nodded in return and motioned with my hand for him to go on. Seeing he had nothing to fear he leapt across the road, up the hill, and back into the woods. I drove on smiling at the magic of this moment and thanked God that I had been going slowly enough not to hit this beautiful creature.

Most of us rush through this life not knowing what we are missing. We wolf down our breakfast, hurry off to work, miss lunch, fly back home, and throw ourselves into even more activities when we get there. We rarely if ever get to enjoy what each day brings us.

Wouldn't it be better to go slowly through our days here? Life is meant to be savored. Moments are meant to be cherished. Days are meant to be lived in love and joy not flown through at a breakneck speed.

The next time you find yourself going too fast then, slow down. Take the time to enjoy your breakfast. Take the time to watch the sun rise over the horizon and fill the world with light. Take the time to look your children in their eyes, hug them, and tell them that you love them. Take the time to pray and stay connected to your Heavenly Father who loves you so very much. Take the time to smile, laugh, and sing. Take the time to read, lounge, and relax. Take the time to talk to, write, or visit a friend. Take the time to live your life with love and delight in all the miracles each day brings you. If you do your life will be so much better and more beautiful. And you might even end up not hitting a deer on your way home.


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