The Brave Heart!

By Anjali Mohapatra • March 18, 2019

As the train picked up it's speed, the passengers slowly settled down on their seats. I reserved the lower berth, so that I could enjoy the beauty of out side from the moving train. I don't know why I always preferred to get the window seat. An elderly lady occupied the front seat of mine. I looked at her. She must be in her eighties, I guessed. At one point, we met our eyes. She smiled at me. With courtesy, I gave her response. Both of us were silent. By that time, the train was in its full speed.

It was 4:50 pm, evening time. So, bed time was still in a long way. I couldn't resist myself any longer and asked, 'Auntie! Where are you going?'

She looked at me and friendly said, 'Army camp, dear.'

Suddenly my enthusiasm doubled to know the reason. I politely said, 'Aunty, you are visiting someone?'

She smiled triumphantly and said, 'Yes!'

Just to linger the conversation, I talked to her in a very jolly mood, 'Auntie, you must be feeling so excited to see your child and your grand children.'

Perhaps, this question hurt her a little but boldly she answered, 'Oh, dear! You are so sweet! Anyways, I had only one son who joined in army and was killed by the terrorist attack just few days before. I bought so many new clothes with the winter garments for him. So, I thought why not I would spare my son's clothes to some other soldiers, so that I would restraint my sorrow and would be happy thinking that my own son has worn it. He was a bachelor, so I don't have any grand child.'

I was stunned hearing her heart breaking story! But I saluted the old lady from the core of my heart. I was thinking of her brave heart!


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