By Milton Delgado • February 17, 2019

I hadn't fallen asleep (so I thought) on this particular night when suddenly, I was thrust-ed into a very bright light moving at great neck speed. It seemed I was in some kind of miniature Space Capsule. I noticed there was no instrument panel, crew, or pilot aboard. I wondered: “Who or what is powering this spacecraft?” It was quite surreal! I thought: “What is this? where am I? and where in the world am I being taken?

Fearfully, I thought I had died and was on my way toward one of two destinations? I seated myself by a tiny window and watched thousands of stars even planets whisk by me. My anxiety intensified when a very powerful sensation came over me that some thing or someone else was also aboard. I was afraid to find out. It was impressed upon me that I was in the presence of a Heavenly Spirit. I mustered-up the courage and slowly began to turn my head.

Peripherally, I noticed a beautiful soft looking hand gesturing me not to turn any further. I froze in place! With a shaking voice I whispered: “Could that be you Lord?”

A reply came swiftly: “Yes, it is I.”

I immediately thought I had reached the end of the road: Judgment Day! In a sorrowful humble manner, I began to audibly confess every sin I had ever committed hitherto in rapid succession. Overcome with shame, guilt and regret, I began weeping hysterically pouring out my guilt, regrets, and shame: 'Lord I know I'm a repeat offender. I deliberately and willfully disobeyed your commandments. I did things that I should not have done and didn't do things I knew I should have done. I'm guilty as charged! Please forgive me Lord! I should have turned to you more often in gratitude and had more faith and trust in you. I continued babbling-on like a run-a-way train without stopping for a breath.

God dropped His arm slowly and said: “Stop! never mind all that right now! I'm not here to judge you.”

Somewhat relieved, my heart began to palpitate in anticipation of what was going to happen next. A few moments of silence passed when I strongly felt God 's presence approach me from behind. My fear began to slowly dissipate. God wrapped His arms around me. He embraced my entire being (from the top of my head to the bottom of my toes) with His body; it was as if He had fused his body into mine.

I was completely overwhelmed with a Joy Unspeakable unlike anything I had ever experienced in my life! The best way I could describe this experience is that I was totally immersed in a pool of Utter Love, Beauty, Peace, and Wholeness. I was one with God Almighty! Search the world over; there could never be a substitute such as this! I wanted to stay forever! Sadly, it lasted for only a couple of minutes.

When I awakened, I realized it wasn't a dream but a true event that had taken place. I sat up on my bed totally amazed at what happened. I don't understand or know the circumstances by which God decides to present Himself to people. I'm thankful He chose me! Not in dream but in real time. I will thank Him as long as I live and beyond. I plan on returning the hug when I see Him face to face.

So it wasn't Judgment Day for me after all... instead, it was A Gift From God; He wanted me to personally experience His forgiveness and the Power of His Agape Love which is the highest form of Love that can ever exist.

Dear Reader, it is my hope that you experience what happened to me. I believe it can. Pray and it will happen! I guarantee it will be a Life Changing Event for you as it was for me!

We yearn to find our purpose,

searching near and far.

The answer has always been with us:

Love, is who we are!

Love is what we're made of.

Love is what we want.

All else will soon pass,

Only Love in the end will last

By Milton L. Delgado


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