Hold On Champ And Have Faith

By Dr Suvio Reddy • December 20, 2018

Hi all, have faith and hold on champ you will get there...

We all have dreams and goals and at some point in time we do get stuck and question ourselves around it.If you are serious about your dreams and goals than one thing is for sure *It will come true*.At times we will want to quit and give up but do not be that person who had the chance to turn their dreams into reality but due to distractions wasn't able to.

When things get tough 'hold on' and remind yourself the importance of your dream.When your going through tough times 'hold on' it'll be worth it, when there's hardship 'hold on' it'll be over soon, when life brings you to your knees 'hold on' and rise from within, when faced with challenges 'hold on' your strong enough to battle them, when faced with distractions 'hold on' shake them of and stay focused, when faced with negativity 'hold on' and smile through the hate, when these hardships bring tears to your eyes and you want to quit so bad 'hold on champ' you are doing great just keep moving forward, when you want to throw in the towel and have had enough of the struggle 'hold on' your almost at that finish line.

Dreams and goals takes courage and determination to achieve.It takes a special mindset and once achieved builds a different character within us.Each one of us has this special mindset including you do 'hold on and don't give up'.

Devise a plan - hold on - don't give up - push through the hardship - don't just get through the journey but get valuable lessons from the journey - become a champion and don't ever let anyone be little you. You know your self worth not anyone else.

Dr Suvio Reddy


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