To The Lady At Hopyard 5 Years Ago

By A Friend • December 4, 2018

I was 13 or 14 at the time and money has always been tough for my mom (single parent). She wanted to surprise me so she took me out to a restaurant called Hopyard. We were having a great time as we waited for our food when I noticed a lady by herself looking at us in the corner of my eye. I saw her gave her smile and waved.

At the end of our meal the waiter came and handed us a gift card of $100 and said "a customer has bought you this."

You didn’t give out your name and we never had the chance to thank you. My mom couldn't be happier and wanted to know who it was but the customer wanted to stay anonymous.

To the lady in the booth, thank you because till this day I remember that act of kindness and hold it dear to my heart.


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