'But Who Are They?'

By L, Medina • December 3, 2018

My husband gave my 6 year old son a $10 bill. This $10 bill went with my son everywhere, from one pair of jeans to another, one hoodie to the other. My son would even sleep soundly with the $10 bill under his head. You see, he was holding out to buy something special. One day my son and I go to the local grocery store where a man was singing carols and ringing a bell for the Salvation Army.

My son asks me "what is he doing?"

I told my son "he's singing to get our attention in hopes of collecting money for the poor or for children who don't have toys."

I proceeded to keep walking but my son wasn't next to me. I turned around to see his little hand digging in his pocket, pulling out his $10 bill. He slides the bill into the slot, says Merry Christmas and walks over to me.

I said "you made mommy very happy."

He told me "I heard a voice say go, give him the money." Then he says "I heard another voice say "no, keep the money, you want a toy."

I told my son "you listened to the right voice…… He looks up at me with his hands in the air and asks "but who are they"

I laughed and said "they're you."


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