One True Love

By Little June • November 22, 2018

I was 14 when I had my first boyfriend. I had a crush on him first and he happened to know that at one point so we went to a carnival together during the town fiesta. He talked the whole night about anything and almost everything that he could think of. It was a quick action yet he asked me the second night if I could be his girl. At a young age, so innocent and not understanding what love really is, I was hesitant and said no. He was persistent telling me that my mom wont know and we will be far from each other anyway. So before we parted, I said yes. I enjoyed every journey of our relationship but sadly it ended before we can even reach our first year anniversary.

After that, it seemed like the search for that someone never ended. I jumped from one relationship to another. There was even this year that I had four boyfriends but not at the same time at least.I don't know what was missing or what was I exactly looking for. It's either we were not contented with each other's attitude and company or we were not really in love in the first place.

But God has greater plans for me. He did not want me to live such kind of life, chasing and playing games with just anybody. It was 2010 when I had the opportunity to work in Singapore as a patient care assistant though I'm a nurse by profession. My life there were not just about work because I was able to experience and receive God's tangible presence most of my days as well. I was blessed to be part of a Christian Church who embraces anyone despite her sinful past. Would you believe that in my almost 5 years of staying in that beautiful country, I didn't get involved with anyone of the opposite sex? It seems impossible to think of for someone who've relied happiness and on a man most of his adult life.

What I realized is that all this time, Jesus is the only One who can fill this emptiness inside me. When you have Him in your life, you are made complete. You are worthy. You are loved. You have an inner joy and peace. When you pray, He listens. You may not hear His exact answer sometimes but all is planned for your own good. He directs our paths. He has the final say in every decision we make. Just open your heart and receive him. He is kind to the broken-hearted. He is All-Knowing. He is God. He is our ONE TRUE LOVE. Choose to love Him first before you love others. :)


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