Brothers From Another Mother

By Tom Parsons • October 16, 2018

Thanks to a DNA test I have a brother that I never knew about and he had no clue about me. For 45 years I had a brother out there crossing my path turn after turn. He not only gained 1 brother but an additional 6 other siblings! To add on to that he gained over 100 additional family members who are anxious to meet him. His niece and my son were best friends.... we didn't know each other, we bowled at the same place... we didn't know each other, our daughters are friends.... we didn't know each other.... he is friends with our neighbors.... we didn't know each other. The list goes on and on! We are 5 months apart, yes our father got around, we have the same likes and the mannerisms.... we are told we look like each other too... Our story is so great it has received the attention from a few news channels and we have been interviewed and our story aired. The feedback we get is amazing! I fight stage IV Carcinoid cancer and I just gained many more friends and family to help me in my fight. My brother is a firefighter and a veteran and he has gained many more that appreciate his service. This is only a speck of our story there is so much more that I would love to tell!


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