Deja Vu

By The Tooth King • July 11, 2018

Was at the grocery store a while ago and overheard a conversation between a young couple. They were trying to decide how much more they could spend this week. As I walked by, I could see new wedding bands and listened to her ask him "do we have enough to get this too?" His reply was "do you have enough gas in your car til Friday". I've never had a flashback so vivid, to 20+ years ago, having the exact conversation with my young wife. I wanted to stop, tell them so many things like I was perhaps talking to a younger version "us", but thought that might be intrusive. I finished my shopping thinking the whole time about how far my wife and I had come, how lucky we had been. As I finished checking out, the young couple got into line behind me. I took all my cash, a little over a hundred dollars, set it on the counter, told them gas and food were on me this week. They looked at me funny....they hadn't seen the money yet...and I walked away.


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