You Will Be Always Loved

By Sonia Kaur • May 15, 2018

If you want to be loved then you have to kill your expectations because expectations are that one thing which prevent us to holding on to a relationship. Expect from your own self that what you can do and what you can give to your family, friends and to society. Without giving, you will get nothing. Make a habit of giving and sharing.

Believe me, giving love is the best feeling in the world. You feel like a complete person. Nowadays people are so upset because they give nothing and expect everything. This is wrong thinking. First put then receive. You have to love first then you will be loved. There is a lack of love around the world. People are so sad because everybody needs love and people don't know how to love? Stop searching for love, be a loving person so that everybody itself attracts towards you. Spread love, if you want to be loved.

Now the question arises how can we love. For love, you first need forgiveness. How you forgive and forget your mistakes easily learn to do so with others. In love, you can be with a person during his bad times. Encouraging someone, listen to someone's heart. If you still can't do so then never discourage anyone.

Listening is an excellent habit. Giving your time and attention. Believe me if adopt these habits you will be loved by everybody. Everybody has a lot to speak, more to share but there is nobody to listen. The more you listen, the more you will come to know the best out of the person. When you start listening believe me you will be flooded with friends.

Love everybody, every little things around you i.e Love your bed, pillow, clothes, doors, windows, etc love all animals, birds, fishes etc. When you fill yourself with love for others, others will also full of love for you and you will be delighted.

Have you noticed one thing that we usually love children than to adults, puppy instead of dogs, kittens instead of cats. You know why? Because kids are innocent, free from jealousy and full of love. Nobody teaches them how to love, smile, laugh etc. Kids don't even know the word hatred. Let's be like a child for being loved.

Put smile on your face and be positive. Now ask one question to yourself that what kind of person do you like the most? Mine answer is I like those who always smile, polite, truthful, honest, decent etc. So be the person you want to be with than how can people ignore you. You will always be loved.

Be yourself, be polite and generous. These are some qualities which attract Almighty as well. Why to only being loved by world. Why not by Almighty as well. God's love is true love. He expects nothing and gives everything we need. So you can also be God for others. Fulfill people's need if you can and share gifts. We feel so delighted when we are gifted so the people feel. Make a habit of giving gifts to your loved one. I wish all of you to be loved throughout your life.


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