Pay It Forward In The Drive Thru Ripples Through Line

By TrickyRipper • May 11, 2018

I'm a manager at a Taco Bell in a pretty apathetic city. People trying to scam, steal, shoot up in the bathroom, pan handlers, the whole 9 yards. And today in the Drive thru a guy comes through and orders about $10 worth of food and after his order is made my cashier comes up to me and says that this guy wants to pay for the person behind him. I tell her it's okay and just make sure he knows how much the next order is. It was about $25. And he had no problem with it. The next people pull up. So grateful they pay for the people behind them. $15 order. Next car. Pays for the next car. And this went on for 12 orders until the rush peddered out.

The whole experience honestly restored my faith in humanity a bit. A few people paying it forward is pretty awesome. But 12 people back to back, only stopping because the orders stopped, really made my night.


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