Just Say Something

By Jay Abington • April 23, 2018

Yesterday on my way back home from Jeff's house I decided to stop at Basken Robins. As I walk up not really paying attention this woman comes blasting out past me obviously disturbed about something. I wasn't going to be long before I knew why. I walk in and behind me another woman followed.

Sitting at a table were two kids, a boy about 13 or 14 and across the table his sister 12 maybe they were playing some sort of hand game together and the next table over sat a Man and a woman sitting next to each other eating ice cream and talking the two kids look up at me and stop what they are doing for a sec I smile and walk past to start at the end of the ice cream freezer. I am trying to make out the blurry names of the Ice cream cause I didn't bring in my damn glasses.

The girl behind the counter asked if I was ready I looked up her and she was talking to me kind of confused I look back over at the two kids that didn't have Ice cream then back at her and with no response. I then said why don't your help your other customer while I figure out what I want.

Still a little confused I glance over to the two kids which were both looking at me with their hands pressed against each other's as if they stopped in the middle of the game to look at me. It isn't uncommon for kids to stare at me now and then. I think the cowboy hat and my big mustache must be something they don't see too often. At least that is what I tell myself. Anyway I turn my attention back to the ice cream and hear the kids resume the game. Well I try to make a choice but I am distracted by the feeling that something strange is going on.

The woman just helped leaves and the girl asked if I was ready, saying to myself sh*t just pick one so I do and as I am paying for it I am suddenly startled by the man in the booth who suddenly barked something loudly at the two kids. I think it was one of their names. Quickly glancing at him then the kids who stopped playing the game and looked frightened I realize the couple were the parents of the two kids. I got my Ice cream and the girl behind the counter and I shared an unsaid confirmation that that guy was a jerk.

Just outside the door was a bench and I sat down disturbed by that entire display my thoughts were interrupted by the two kids coming out the door.

The boy with his arm around his sister then the dad, he walked up behind the boy and put his arm around the kids neck like a hug the girl quickly moved a couple steps away and as I am thinking he is saying sorry.

I notice the boys feet are not on the ground and his dad quietly says in his ear why don't you act your age now and then and drops the boy. I was stunned and thinking no ……then the boy starts Coughing and trying to get his breath and his sister runs back to him to try and keep him on his feet as dad continues calmly walking to his truck. If the boy could breathe he would have been crying for sure.

Mom calmly puts her arm around the boy and the three of them kept walking to the truck. I was so shocked it took a couple seconds to realize what I just saw and how sick it made me feel inside. I stood up and watched the dad hand his wife her purse and the two of them walked to the grocery store and the kids got in the truck. I turned and went back into Baskin Robins and said to the girl is it my imagination or… and she cut me off and said no it isn't that jerk said you two are taking too long to choose so you must not want any ice cream.

What!!! I said is that why that lady went blasting out of here and she said yep. Completely sick to my stomach I dropped my Ice cream in the trash and walked out to my car. Since the drivers window was down in this 200,000 dollar truck that he no doubt loves more than his wife and kids I just had to go say something to them. I backed my car in next to the truck and said are you ok young man?

Fighting the tears he nods that he is. I look at them huddled together and my chest actually hurt. I tried not to show how disturbed I was inside I thought it best to display confidence and say something positive if I could.

Desperately searching for the right words I said ………… atta boy.

Listen I can tell you this. Someday soon his weakness will be your strength and he knows it. Karma never forgets that kind of thing.

His sister said to him what is karma he says I will tell ya later sis .

Well I got to get down the road, you two take care of each other no matter what ok.

They just looked at me as I pulled out of the stall.

Just before I turned on to the main street I put my arm out the window and gave them thumbs up and I see two thumbs come out the window of the truck.


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