It Just Makes Me Think

By Jay Abington • April 9, 2018

I was riding up to my friends about two hours from my place. About 30 minutes into the ride I am next to this truck on my left and I got this feeling someone was looking at me or something so I look over at the truck and there is this little girl about 8 or 9 years old watching me ride along side them. We made eye contact and she smiles and waved at me. Naturally I wave back and continued on.

About 40 minutes later I pulled off the highway to get some gas went in to pay and I am fumbling around trying to find my 20 bucks but no luck just then I hear this little voice say 'excuse me sir are you looking for this?'

I turn around and it was the same little girl holding out her hand with 20 dollars in it. I am confused and she must have known by the look on my face. She then says 'you dropped it when you paid the guy at the bridge.'

Stunned at all this I look outside and her dad was parked right in front with a big smile and a wave. I turned back to her and said....... 'well thank you vary much young lady.'

She politely says 'you're welcome.'

I asked her to hang on for a second and got 10 dollars worth of gas then I turned and said to her 'tell ya what I'll split it with ya. Where I come from it pays to be honest.'

She smiles and waves the ten at her dad as we walk out the door. I walk over and open her door and as she climbs in I say 'that is some special girl you have their mister.'

He looks at her with pride in his gaze and says 'yep that’s my girl. She was adamant that I catch up to you so she could return it.'

I said 'young lady you made my day thank you.'

Again she says 'you're welcome and thank you sir'.

Is that not bad ass?


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