Act Of Kindness By Nurse And Officer Brings Patient To Tears

By Richard Yuhas • April 6, 2018

This act of kindness, compassion and caring should not go unnoticed.

Upon returning home from the emergency room at Geisinger-Shamokin Area Community Hospital, I heard a knock on my front door. I debated answering due to the excruciating pain that I would endure to stand up, walk over and open it. I decided to answer after hearing what sounded like a police/paramedic/fireman’s radio. My pain was unbearable, for I told the doctor and staff the pain prescription would do me no good.

I told them, "I'm flat broke for the next two weeks before receiving my disability check."

I open the door to find a Shamokin police officer standing there. He said he heard I went to the ER earlier that day.

"Yes, sir, I did go to the ER earlier," I said. He asked how I was feeling. "Sore sir, very sore."

He told me his wife is a nurse in the ER. He then hands me a bag and states his wife "bought this for you." "Thank you and your wife, sir." I closed the door and scuffled back to my sofa to sit down. I open the bag to find two bottles of Extra Strength Tylenol. I sat there and cried, not believing the kindness, compassion and caring I found myself the beneficiary of.

I’ve since been getting better each day.

This story was originally submitted to, local news for Shamokin, PA.


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