So You Think You Can...

By Jodi-Ann E.M. Morgan • March 5, 2018

I really wanted to meet this guy, I mean really meet him. I'll admit, looking back I was immensely infatuated with him. In this age of social media, I would stalk his FB page, check his Twitter account, everything you could think of, I did, just to see what he was up to. He was on one of my favourite TV shows. He seemed like such a nice, talented, driven guy. Funny and smart. Not to mention gorgeous! Don't worry, there is more to this story than my pathetic infatuation I swear.

After the show ended, he later became the lead in a Broadway play in New York. This was my opportunity. I had relatives in New York with whom I could stay, it was going to be awesome. One problem though... this play was in the United States, and I do not live in the States and at the time, my VISA had expired. But I had to meet him so, I bought tickets for the show online anyway. Remember, at the time I had no means by which I could even enter the country. And going to renew your VISA is not automatic; you can be turned down. I was unemployed then, and had no assets tying me to my country so applying for it is sometimes deemed as a way to "run away". Nonetheless, I bought them, knowing there was a chance things wouldn't work out. I put my faith into action and I just knew in my heart I was going to see him that day.

The point is, I had so much faith that I was going to meet him. There were major obstacles in the way, but to me they did not exist. It was my desire, and I believed my dream would become a reality. If only we had faith like this in God. If only I had faith like this in more areas of my life, so many more of my dreams would be a reality. He just wants us to trust Him. As long as it is His will, He will give us the desires of our hearts. All we have to do is ask. No longer do you have to think you can, you can know you can. It's so amazing to think that Someone so powerful wants a relationship with us. I pray we all strive to have the hope and faith we need in Him.

As for meeting the guy, it actually happened! My VISA was renewed, I spent time with my family overseas, I visited a friend I hadn't seen in years since she migrated, and got a hug, picture and autograph from... nah, I won't say but just trust me on this one it was great ❤.

What are you believing for today, tomorrow, the future? Have the faith that you can trust God to help you achieve your hopes and dreams, no matter how impossible they may seem, for He loves you more than you can even conceive.


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