Always Choose To See The Best In People

By Judith Maduhu • October 31, 2017

"Oh Lord soften her heart for me please", these phrases kept repeating themselves in my heart as I headed towards the training department. My training had come to an end so i had to go check with the head of the training department for a recommendation letter, it happened that the lady i was instructed to was regarded as a cold and moody soul. This character made me nervous but i had no choice than to just face it, so i encouraged myself and mumbled a short prayer.

Reaching the department, the door was ajar and loh it saved me the knocking part. As i entered in, behold the so called cold heart smiled at me and i smiled back. That gesture melted all my worry and fear so she listened to me kindly and i softly got my recommendation letter. What i want us all to learn is that we should always try to see the best in all people regardless of their character or what you have heard about them and another lesson we can take from this is that God answers prayers even if it may seem meaningless and odd at times.


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