Why Did You Buy Me This?

By Kay Heitsch • October 17, 2017

My husband Bill likes to buy toys that our grandson Eli who's 6 can put together. Some of these toys say that they're for a 6 year old, when in reality, they are not.

One particular toy Bill bought was a real challenge. There were many tiny pieces that all needed to be taken apart to even start. Bill sat down at the table and got out his little knife and was cutting them as Eli tried to pulled them apart.

As they both sat at the table working together Eli looked at Bill and said, "Papa why did you buy me this? Did you want to do something with just me?"

This remark cause both of us to do a lot of thinking. How important it is to show a child or grandchild that we think they are so special that we would do something with just them.


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