They All Have A Story

By Rod Williams • August 16, 2017

I like boots. I have 14 pair, ranging from $1,600 handmade ostrich ropers with my initials on the side to a $49 pair of hiking boots. The funniest ones I have are a pair of old school western style pointy-toed boots. Most call them cockroach killers since the toe is so pointed I could kill a cockroach in a corner. As much as I’m on my feet, I want to be comfortable while staying a little fashionable, and boots do it for me.

My boots have seen many things over the years, and all have unique stories. The riding boots have been with me since 1991 and have seen thousands of miles around the country on the motorcycle. The custom boots were a gift that have stayed with me through a long-term relationship, and live with me to this day. Others have seen a number of two-step dances at the rodeo along with a lot of time working the door at the BBQ cook-off.

Boots are a part of me. I keep them maintained and take good care of them. I get them shined regularly and resoled as needed. I wear the custom pair so much they have been re-soled seven times since having them made in 2002. They still look as great now as they did the day I picked them up.

Have you ever thought about the close people in your life as if they were a pair of good boots? When you take good care of the people close to you, they will, like those good boots, last a lifetime. You can shine them with praise, blessings of good words, and love. When they go through a rough patch in their lives, you can help get them resoled so they can continue the journey. When they get dirty and beat up, you can wipe them off and keep them going. There have been many times when my friends picked me up, dusted me off, got me resoled and shined and set me back on my path. That is why some of the people in my life have been with me as long as some of my boots. We shine each other, resole when needed, dust each other off, and take the next step in life.

When was the last time you shined a friend or someone close to you? If the last time doesn’t immediately come to mind, it has been too long. When you have a great shine on your boots, you can see your reflection in them; the same thing happens when you shine your friends. You can see your reflection in their face in the form of love, goodness, and connection. Get out the polish, the brush, and the rag, and get after it. Shine ’em up!


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