I Hope This Helps Someone

By Austiz • June 28, 2017

Back about 20 months ago I started college and just struggled with everything, classes, friends, girls... I quickly became depressed, angry at myself for not being about to do better in school, in addition to lack of friends due to poor social and communication skills.

This went on for months, until my 19th birthday. My parents sent me a cake, it was a great cake, but I remember having this large cake, and absolutely no one to share it with. I ended up throwing out the cake after having 1 piece, with about 90% of it leftover. That night I was so depressed that I decided to say f**k it and go outside to the freezing temperatures of the winter (as my birthday resident in that period) and run. Put my earphones in, went outside, and ran/walked about 2 miles at 11pm on my birthday.

When I got back inside I was content, I was proud of what I was able to do. The next night I did the same, I wasn't quick or fit but you know what I went outside and did something. The running continued for about 2 months until I finally worked up the courage to go to the gym, where I started swimming again, as I used to in high school. A month went by and I started lifting weights and continually running.

Looking back I can see that exercise helped cure my depression but it didn't only do that, at the gym I met new friends, back at my dorm I grew confidence to go to the end of the hall seeing people playing super smash brothers and ask if I could join. I asked a girl out.

So go forward to present now and I exercise everyday and look forward to that hour and a half I get daily to do what I love with people who love it as well.

I hope this helps someone who may be or have been in a similar situation.


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