New Year Motivation

By Kainaat Niaz • April 20, 2017

With the thoughts of the previous year if I go deep and ponder about how it started and how it's ending now. How I am changed as a person, and how life has changed. How I am rewarded, and how delightful life God has blessed me with? It will go long but what important is that it started with perseverance of some problems, moved further with contentment. I made my most beautiful memories this year. I relished myself. And finally what actually I learned through this time phase of my life is that everything we perceive or experience has significance or meaning which we need to recognize. We need to grasp or centre at the other side that’s the optimistic one. Because there is much more beyond what we imagine. We have a very little scope for our brain, and we never try to expand our thinking to accept the wrong or forgive wrong. I believe that life is too short to live, literally it is. And for that we have to earn spirits, happiness comes from spreading it, love comes from spreading it, and peace comes from spreading it.

Nothing I desire more, because I am already loaded with God's supreme blessings that I am unable to thank enough. 2016 means a lot to me, Thank you for the pleasure you gave to me.


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