Job Lazarus Okello Inspires Guild Presidential Candidate

By Job Lazarus Okello • April 7, 2017

Doreen Alituha Akiiki, one of the Makerere University Guild Presidential aspirants 2017/2018 paid a surprise visit to this inspirational young man on Sunday, 2nd.April.2017. This is what he had to tell her.

"It’s a great blessing to have you here tonight Doreen. With great honor, I warmly welcome you and your entourage to the best room in Makerere University. I had been longing to not only see you but as well have a moment with you. Moving all the way from Mary Stuart Hall to Room C15, Nkrumah Hall clearly shows how zealous, passionate and desperate you are to claim the highest office in the Students’ Guild of Makerere University, the epitome of intellectualism, the apex of success in Africa. I very much admire your daring personality, for surely not just anyone can come for guild, but only those who dare. Since you have not only expressed interest in the position for which you vie, but also clearly demonstrated that you can deliver what the University fraternity desires and deserves, am sure it’s going to be a fantabulous experience for you-one that you will live to tell the world.

I have just a few words to tell you Doreen that could have a great impact on how you fare in the race. Imagine someone covered both your nose and mouth such that you couldn’t breathe, what would you do? I believe you would surely fight to regain freedom to breathe; because to live, you have to breathe. As you strived to achieve this, you would discover that you’re stronger than you had ever believed. Now relate this to the Guild race; if you want to win as bad as you would want to breathe in that situation, then you will surely do all you can, you will offer your very all-to the last cent, penny, joule of energy, droplets of sweat etc, to ensure that you win and your victory would surely be inevitable.

However, this daring character shouldn’t stop here at Makerere University, but should always be your weapon. Certainly in life, you will always encounter countless challenging situations, but with this daring character, you will climb mountains others believe are impossible to climb, sail through waters others wouldn’t even imagine getting engulfed in its raging storms, see hope where others see despair, incessantly pay the price for whatever you desire to achieve and become in life. Your way is clear Doreen, you are a lady of limitless potential; it’s entirely upon you to decide whether you will use that potential to propel yourself to greater heights or to simply sit on it and watch others use what they have to achieve what they want, for surely it’s not what we lack, rather how we use what we have that determines how successful we become in life. Work hard for what you want in this Guild race, but first make it clear to you so that you can rightly strategize with realistic goals-for the size of your goal determines how much you put in to achieve it. Finally, I pray that God’s purposes for your life especially those pertaining to this Guild race all come to pass. I can’t pray for anything less or more than that Doreen. Thank you for the visit of impact. All the best."

Doreen responds.

Thanks a lot Job, you have greatly inspired me. Trust me I will fight tooth and nail to win this race. I must say I had an awesome moment with you, which moment I will surely miss but of course I won’t forget the great words of wisdom you shared with me, in fact they are exactly what I needed to hear. They will help me both now and in life to come. I don’t believe I can adequately put into words how much receiving these life-transforming words from the mouth of such a great young man, means to me; I am sincerely appreciative, and I hope that you believe that I will continue to work towards attaining victory in this worthwhile race. I will work very hard to make you proud that you inspired and motivated me.

Thanks dear. Trust me I had never before heard a young man speak like this. I wish I could stay a little more in your presence. Stay blessed Lazarus."


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