Respect The Perception

By Curly • September 26, 2016

My life offered me changes. I grabbed them and every time I felt oh no I again ruined it up!! This was my last chance and again I choosed the wrong way and thought maybe I have no other chance left so I have to deal with whatever it is now! As I am romantic person, all I wanted was a wonderful relationship and a happy life. I felt like I have full right to be happy! When time pass by I was not satisfied with whatever the life gave me and I felt miserable at times. With passing by I learnt lots of things. On process I learnt that I was being dependent on other to get happy! Every time I let my heart fall over with romantic talk, a kind word and appreciation! Then I realized that every time it was other who was making me happy and it was on their hand to control over my life. I just think now that there are many such offering that we have to offer to ourself! A talk to ourself and appreciate our own effort! Wants are never ending and more wants in life make you more !

dependent so I think whatever we are going through are the result of what we want and what we expected! Now I look the world through my perception and also know that my perception values only for me!! People out there have their own way of living their life! I respect everyone perception! I realized there is no such thing that differentiate between right and wrong! These are made and universally we know nothing! Whatever makes me ease not necessarily ease other person! So live the way you are as who know it might be the perfect! Happiness is a habit and adopt that. Don't let any other control over your life!


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