By Sonia Kaur • June 30, 2016

First of all what is happiness?

Happiness is an inside job. Now how inside job when everything is available outside bunglow, expensive cars, big bank balance, beauty etc. These are materialistic things and for temporary happiness. These things give short term happiness. Foe example I have bought an expensive car whether it is out of my comfort but I am still feeling happy because none of our family or friends or colony has this car but after sometime someone buys the same car or more luxurious car, our happiness will turn into grief. What? GRIEF...... I am not saying forget everything and go to jungle and spend life there. Fullfil your desires these things are made for us. But don't make it yours only source of happiness.

Sufi saying "Know that the happiest people are those who are strongest in their love of God". Love means spirit of giving. When you love someone you feel like sacrificing oneself for your loved one. Imagine when you love God how happy you would be. God always loves us unconditionally and how much he sacrifices himself for us we can't measure. Love gives biggest happiness. Only God is who accept our flaws without realising us. Isn't it love.

Okay now come to the point how happiness is an inside job. Inside job means internal happiness, happiness of soul, happiness of heart. happiness in gratitude, happiness in giving, happiness in sharing, happiness in loving. Happiness in small things. Happiness is all around inside and outside of us we have to grab it. Grab in abundance. Happiness is acquired by filling happiness in someone life.

A biggest happiness for kids is playing in the playground which is totally missing now a days, a biggest happiness for adults is to spending time with family and friends. Which is again being out of fashion. Now a days, small children are suffering from depression, suicide rates are increasing day by day. Now money has become biggest need. People are competing with each other despite of loving. You know why this all is happening because we are going against the law.

Happiness is in loving, sharing, giving, being yourself, hanging out with friends, watching favorite movie, listening to light music, party hard with friends and yes happiness is in meeting new people, sharing memories, school time is the best time, bunking classes, dancing, feeding the poor and animal, gardening gives pleasure etc etc. There are still many ways to be happy. Oh yes, I forgot the main point that spending time with kids. Kids teach us how to be happy because they are unaware of loosing loved ones, jealousy, negative thoughts, ego. They accept life as it comes, non demanding. A little voice can make them laugh.

Happiness is in giving without expectations. Have you noticed that in previous time people were more happy than us. There was no servants, no mobile phone, no washing machines, no ipads, no microwave, no electronic goods. All the work t had to be done by themselves then how they led a happy life when they had more children for raising. You know why they were happy because they were busy in their life and had no time to think evil for others, because of purity in their mind. No jealousy, no hatred, no enemy, good thoughts, full of love and care for everybody, friendly behaviour etc. If still you didn't get my point then compare today's generation with your grandparents. My grandmother was a very nice lady. She didn't even use bad language of others and she was more happy than me. Today we have every comforts but no happiness, no health. So try to keep yourself busy despite of useless chatting so that no bad thought enters into your mind.

Happiness is in enjoying nature. Forget about infections, sun burns, flu etc. Go and play with water, go for a long drive with your family, friends or boyfriend or girlfriend ahem ahem.... in winters stop using heaters and it would be so beautiful when there is chill outside and you are having a cup of coffee and doing shopping or enjoying the weather. Ice cream would also work. Just joking.

Happiness is in receiving surprises. That happiness cannot be explained and measure.

I have read a book 'Power of Thoughts'. The whole book is on thoughts. What thoughts can do. Thoughts are the main source of happiness. One can be happy in the hard days just because of good and happy thoughts. If you feel that you are happy and affirm that 'I am happy' that means you are attracting happiness towards you. Thoughts are so powerful that it can change your life. Thinking happy thoughts gives pleasure even thinking thoughts of happiness for others bring happiness in their life too. Always think and feel that you have happiness in abundance then happiness covers your life even during hard days as well.

Dalai Lama says "Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions". So very true. I have stated discussed about thoughts in previous paragraph. Mind produce thoughts and thoughts become our actions and actions become our behaviour. Again thoughts are responsible for our actions. Beware of your actions because your today's actions are making destiny. Do what you expect from others.

Charity gives that happiness which cannot be defined. It is a feeling which can only be experienced by serving and giving. When we talk about serving and giving first thing comes into our mind giving cloths, monetary help, serving food, feeding an animal and bird. Did you know you can give even when you have nothing to give. You can give smile, your attention, your precious time in listening, you can give love, care, protection, advice and moreover some people donate blood. You have plenty of things to give if you wanna give.

Happiness in gratitude. Have you ever counted god's gifted blessings, accept yourself as you are because you are better than the people's thoughts for your existence. In short be yourself!

Happiness is in contentment I.e some people are given a gift at one time. Some are complaining that so and so get more beautiful or I want his gift and become sad or angry whereas some are so happy with their own gifts they don't even bothered with others gift. They are satisfied and keep on enjoying the beauty of their gift.

Listen to your heart, your heart knows your true happiness. Mind always runs, it doesn't stop not even while sleeping. So people always get confused in mind and heart. The question is how to listen heart when mind gives thousands of thoughts. Always remember when and what we do all the time heart doesn't get involved every time. For example lets take a question! What is your true happiness? Now see your mind start giving you thousands of answer I.e hanging out with friends, watching favorite movie, listening to music blah blah blah but heart convinces with only one and that is the right answer. Heart always speaks but we can't distinguish between heart and mind. You know why? Because we try to live life of others. We believe in competition. We always run with other and try to win but infact we loose. First of all listening to your heart takes some time and when you start distinguishing between heart and mind then we can easily understand heart's language.

Okay I will tell you the simplest way to get connected with your heart. Right now I am reading a book 'who am I now'. In this book writer says that whole day you live false 'I' and in dreams while sleeping you see your 'true self'. Now start noticing what is you real self while analysing your dreams. True self is a language of heart and as I have earlier stated and in my last writing I emphasise on heart language. Listen to your heart, your heart knows your true happiness. Now you got my point.

Hope you get all the happiness of the world. Love you all and May god bless you with healthy wealthy long life and with good destiny.


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