The Time Passes

By C M Reddy • June 14, 2016

In the recent past one spiritual message making rounds through WhatsApp messenger in our India, that the Lord Krishna was asked by his disciple Arjuna to reveal an eternal truth which makes the deeply grieved people delighted and the overjoyed people to become disheartened. Lord replied with simple words:

"This Period of Time Passes Away"

It is true. The emotions Pain and Pleasure, Joy and Sorrow, Love and Hatred, Depressed and Delighted, Anger and Kindness etc. Physical expressions Smiling and Weeping, Laughter and Cry. The day and night, the seasonal changes, Birth and Death like this "Everything is transient and interchangeable" nothing is permanent in the end less journey of Time. It is quite inconceivable to the normal human comprehension how this circle goes on incessantly.

We humans without knowing the truth, become elated and jubilant when overwhelmed by all physical comforts and luxuries, feel depressed and discouraged by the onslaught of hardships and difficulties. We have to make steady of our minds to what we really need for our success and happiness.

"Success" everyone wants to be successful in their chosen works or activities. But it elude always to the cowards and weak people. People who are carried away easily by the odds and impediments in their path can not reach the point of success. But people in spite of several failures and difficulties who wouldn't bow before misfortune and ill fate will get hold of the fruits of success.

"Happiness" is always inside phenomenon, nothing makes you happy unless you decide to be so. The external sense gratification and material luxuries can not make you happy permanently, when they cease to exist or entertain you the stimulus for your happiness would fade away. So try to be happy from inner side, take the pride how you are endowed with natural gifts by Almighy to mingle and enjoy with the Mother Nature and fellow human beings.

To achieve the both of the above we have to transcend the different vagaries cussed by the time. Nothing stay permanent in the endless journey of time. Everything is transient. Have patience to wait for your turn.


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