I'm So Proud Of My Son!!

By Proud Dad • May 10, 2016

I wanted to share it here!

My son is four and is a hyper kid. We are learning techniques as a family about how to channel his energy into something productive, but it's a slow and steady process.

Today we went to the park. There was another boy there about a few months older than my son, but pretty overweight. His mom was there and she was a bit protective, however it didn't come across as helicopter parenting.

My son approached him and excitedly asked if he wanted to play. This other boy talked a bit slurred but was talking back none the less. My son immediately slowed down and started repeating his words back to verify what he was saying!

Then my son wanted to climb down the monkey bars, and this little boy followed, but mom stopped him before he did. "I don't want you to climb down these right away because you could lose your balance and fall"

So my boy ran back up the platform and then said, "that's okay! We can go down the slide instead."

So they started playing on the slide. On their way back up they both went up a monkey bar/ladder to get back up. My son first and then this other boy after. He was slow and steady and mom showed up to guide him along. As he reached the top my son held out his hand and was encouraging him!

"You can do it! My hand is here if you want help."

I could have burst into a million pieces. The other kids mom looked really happy too.

So they went on to play. My son taking his time and showing a lot of patience.

His mom approached me and told me how thankful she was for my son. This boy has Prader Willy syndrome and his muscles weren't developing as fast as other kids. I guess other kids want to run and play and they don't stick around for this kid often so it was really nice to see someone willing to play with her son at his pace.

She thanked my son and told her son it was time to go. My son said his goodbyes and then off they went.

I told him how proud I was that he was calm and played with this boy so nicely.

"He just wanted to play too Dad!"

I almost bought him a Porsche on the way home.

Sorry if this comes across as pretentious! I just wanted to brag on my kid a bit.


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