By Sonia Kaur • May 9, 2016

Why God has given us a family? Because we need each other. Just imagine a person without family, all alone. How long will he survive? A new born baby needs his mother. Growing children needs parents. Oldage people need their youngsters.

The Importance of family I realised when I went to an orphanage. I realised that children are surrounded with very nice nuns and care taker but still the love and care by family was missing. Only mom is the person who runs after you with meal. No one can fullfil all your needs besides father. Like brother and sister no best friend you will find who hide your secrets, knows your weaknesses and still loves you.

We are protected in family. We learn discipline, obedience, manners, service, humanity, brotherhood etc. We learn to love, compromises, understanding, support, respect, spirit of giving. The values we learn from a family, no school, college or any institute can teach us. Experience of our parents and grand parents are the most valuable gift for us. We can get it only by giving our little time to them. sometimes we are respected just because of a good family member.

We need each other that is why God has put us together. Just imagine that if you are or any other member of your family wasn't there then how different and dificult your life would be. "You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them". --Desmond Tutu.

Without family one is completely incomplete. Nowadays people are running behind material things and the result is dissatisfaction, frustration, depression, loneliness, sickness, being selfish etc.

Spending quality time with family is very important but we people realise it when we loose our family. Give time to your each and every member because you are unaware of loosing loved ones. We only realise their importance in our life when we loose them.


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