Bed To Battalion

By C M Reddy • April 5, 2016

"Bed to Battalion" is a true story of an unexpectedly crippled person who spent three years of his dynamic young age on a clinical bed as a stagnant, rustic material and later who has rewritten his fate with indomitable Will and undaunted inner strength to join the Police force. It took almost one year for me to write this story when he finally consented during my visit to his office two days ago.

My friend who graduated in mechanical engineering from a reputed institution studied hard to join in civil services for serving in public life. His name is Murali Krishna has had all the fulfilled life with his cheerful family till his mother was hospitalised for cancer treatment. At the age of twenty six being the elder son to take care of his mother health he alone shouldered all the personal assistance to his ailing mother. During this period he had to lift her by his arms when the shift overs were made at the time of therapy. This caused his spine to strain abnormally, but he did not care for it.

As someone said "The Difficulties in life do not come alone,they come in a bunch". The mother expired due to advancement of the disease in the hospital, the next day my friend collapsed squarely because of the severe pain in the spinal chord. The diagnosis revealed that the S5 disc of Lumbar region of his spinal chord developed a split which in turn endangering the major nervous system passing through the spine. So the crippling made him to confine to "Bed" for the following years. In addition to these,from the examination he has appeared, his candidature for selection to the post of Deputy Superintendent of Police was technically differed and kept in abeyance.

What else he had to suffer, all the great pains have mounted one by one on his will and self esteem. He was completely paralysed, could not walk and work. Consistently lying on his back in the bed, he used to look up in void where his eyes could not trace any possible hope. His father who has unending love towards the son could not see any brighter side of the whole scenario and used to make pessimistic overtones out of despair.

My friend regularly in the morning has made prayers. He kneels down with great difficulty before God and closes his eyes for the prayer, once the other common friend of us observed that during the prayer tears got rolled down along the cheeks.

Certainly he got into the battle against the God's will. What the God has given to him, the toughest exam with difficult questions for which there seemed to be no answers, my friend has taken that exam with unflinching faith and perseverance. He took many opinions from the medical experts for his cure. His brother who is an orthopedist searched all the possible cures. If he had to undergo a surgery where there was fifty percent chance. So he did not take any chance. He relied completely on Physiotherapy and Yoga. He practiced both regularly for two years with great hope and enormous inner strength. Gradually he recovered from lying completely on bed to a gentle walking. Later practiced mild physical exercises.

Meanwhile he approached the court of law for his rejection to the post of Deputy Superintendent of Police and fought the legal battle. Finally the judgement was given in favour of him. He joined for the Police training in the next month. The amazing part of the training was that he came out as best in out door competitions. Now he is doing as top cop in Tirupathi, the holy city of India. What a wonderful growth.

Throughout all these tough episodes of his life my friend never lost the hope and strength for dreaming a beautiful life. He has strived hard to become normal. His strong belief has not deceived him. He has out lived torturous phases of both physical and emotional pains. His victory over all the odds remind us to never never lose hope about the life. It is one time opportunity, make it more precious by living it intensely


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