Never Forget Square One

By SallyGator • March 14, 2016

There are plenty of people in this world rushing themselves to get luxurious lives. There are desire driven and satisfactory souls. In this huge crowd, one wants to get benefits of comfortable life and strive hard to achieve them. Some stay hard working forever and few others use networking. All of them have started their life from Square one. Square One in my context is poverty or luxury.

I am a working lady, able to settle my expenses and continue to do so. I do not know the tomorrow and poverty might or might not strike someday. All I know is to save the surplus for the unpredictable days. This is what every middle class families do. They save up for tomorrow. If you were born to a rich family, you can always rely on your family. But people of middle class have to rethink. Since the family relies on them and being a spendthrift is totally out of scope.

Usually when a person starts working, he /she gets driven by all those unfulfilled desires they once had when they were jobless. Everything looks appealing and all of a sudden things turn cheap. Those were the same things they used to yearn for back then. They start spending lavishly without giving a thought and they are just living the moment. This attitude affects in the long run.

There has to be a thick line drawn between needs and wants. When there is money, you tend to erase that line. And why not? You have earned it and you are investing them for yourself. But have you ever wondered how many of those were really necessary? How can you forget your poverty jobless days when you would buy things that were really necessary. Money is surely an evil.

Things are expensive these days. Your job might not persist until tomorrow. Act before things go out of hand. Learn to realise the value of every need and wants. Wants are more appealing though. There is no saviour when things fall apart. Be your own saviour. Start saving for the bad days that may look distant but approaching nearby. Take time to observe those people who try hard to have three meals a day. Your wants might be of some help to them. Do not criticize those who might be a miser. Not everyone shares the square one as you.


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