Make Smile Your Habit

By Sonia Kaur • February 24, 2016

What is SMILE? Smile is a beautiful gift by god given to only human being. Neither trees, plants can smile nor animals, birds can smile only we can smile.

Smile makes you beautiful.

Smile attracts people.

With Smile one can face life's big problems.

With Smile you can make lots of friends.

Smile can make you famous. You like smiling people so people will like you if always smile.

Smile which comes internally. No artificial smile. Now the question arises How can smile internally? Sharing, charities, satisfied with what have, speaking truth, helping others, spending time with family and friends, enjoying every little things in life which we ignore considering unimportant things etc. Smile means positivity. Smile will never let you feel sad. Smile is a facial exercise which prevents wrinkles and bring glow on the face. No matter how many problems you have put your problems down and keep smiling. You will have positive energy.

Even god loves those who walk with a smile through rough patches of life.

Make smile your habit.


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