Be Yourself. Nothing Else

By Antonietta Gutierrez • February 21, 2016

Sometimes I have moments where I think about all my sleepless nights, dark days, misery and when I thought nothing to make of myself. But the one thing that I always remember was my secret insecurity with who I was. I never wanted to stand out for anything. I thought that if I blended in with others, conformed to other's expectations/beliefs, and followed everyone else, I would be perfect. I didn't want to be disliked or criticized. I thought wearing makeup, wearing name brand, hanging with the "populars", and looking appealing to everyone I would be happy. But- boy was I wrong. The truth is, in society everyone always expect someone to look a certain way. Sometimes if there is the slightest problem they are overlooked. Why? For being too FAT TOO SKINNY TOO whatever the hell you will find fault with them. It took me so long to realize how weak and dumb the girls who got all the attention were.

So that day I looked at myself long and hard in the mirror and cried and cried. Not because I was afraid of showing others the real me,but because I was abusing myself for something I knew I wasn't. So from that day on I walked with confidence knowing that I had the most powerful thing anyone could have- A voice. A voice with content, a voice with heart, a voice with meaning and a voice with knowledge. I finally found the strength to fly.

Remember you are you. You were created solely as you. Do not let other's victimize and break you with their twisted opinions and flaws about you. Do not let them mold you into something that will lead to a dead end. You do not have to have money, the looks or much to be successful. But you do need hard work ethic, confidence, heart and a powerful mind. Now remember not many people are capable of working to anything. DO not waste your time on drama, jealousy or other stupid thing society looks at. You don't have to be on the cover of a magazine, you do not need a man to judge your beauty you do not need friends to make you happy. You simply need you. That's all. Life becomes so complex but in the end it is simple. You have a story-tell it. You have a mind-show it. You have a heart-feel it. You have beauty-see it. You have power-realize it.


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