It's A Good Year

By Azumdialu • February 8, 2016

I can't stop praising God because my life alone is a testimony. I have a wonderful relationship with him, so I always start and end my day with God. He gives me a sense of security and guidance in my daily task.

Four years ago, I started a journey into marriage. Finally got engaged three years ago but it went downhill right from the start. I persevered and prayed with my whole heart. However, the more I prayed,it seemed God was granting my wishes but taking it away from me, while at the same time revealing things to me. I don't need a pastor's interpretation to know God was protecting me, by showing me things and people I should flee from. I also realize that God granted those wishes to show me that I was okay, there was nothing wrong with me.

The whole year of 2014 was just misery, from one problem to another then it finally culminated with the end of my engagement. I couldn't speak to my family about what was going on until the very end, because I wanted to protect what I thought I had. I couldn't share with anyone the gravity of what I faced and that nearly killed me. I had a lot of internalized issues I needed to offload. I stayed away from friends and family because I couldn't deal with the questions anymore. Some wrote me off, some checked on me to see how I was doing. It was those that I least expected to care that offered prayers and good wishes.

Somewhere along the line, I reconnected with a wonderful friend who encouraged me to talk about this, and release all the pent up tension from the previous three years. It helped me a lot mentally and emotionally. I was able to start the process of rebuilding my life. However, that was just the beginning of more problems. As a result of my previous relationship & engagement, I had incurred so much debt, had no savings and on most occasions couldn't buy food or heat my home. There were days I had to walk to my place of work which took an hour door to door. My monthly salary went on my rent, household bills and the three debts I had to pay. As if my problems were not enough, towards the end of last year, I almost lost my job because my contract ended. In fact by the end of November, I wasn't sure I had a job. For some reason, my employer decided they didn't want to see me leave, so they offered me part time hours instead, while I applied for suitable positions. Between December 2015 and last month, I had attended 4 interviews with different employers and received offers to start, but I turned them all down. Don't ask me why because I don't know myself. However I believe God led me in my decision and I stood by it.

First week of the new year, I received a letter which gave me more income. I completely forgot I had applied for help and was so pleased to receive this. With excitement, I went back to work second week of January. Just last week 01/02/2016, I was called into a meeting with my employer. Not only did they withdraw my part time contract, I was offered a more senior position with excellent pay. They expect a formal response from me tomorrow 08/2/2016, to start immediately. Is this not God's doing? Within a year, from a very uncertain situation, see how my story has turned around and my future looks much better. I am now able to maintain my debt repayments which ends this August, and also build up some savings. I can also get a car, stock up my fridge from top to bottom and keep my home warm 24hrs if I want to. My life seems to have taken a different path this year in a good way. In hindsight, I can now see God's hand in everything I went through and how he has blessed me.

New year's eve, I told my siblings jokingly that I'm going into 2016 with a bang. We all laughed so much that night, not knowing that my wishes were about to come true in a big way. I am so grateful that I can now face my future squarely and happily by God's grace. With my new job, good health, roof over my head and the attention of a man I've grown to love, what else could I possibly want? Praise God, for he has done me well.


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