Bitter And Sweet

By C M Reddy • December 11, 2015

Four days back there was an interesting incident occurred to remind me the fundamental truth about the human life in the airport. I was on fasting since it was Monday without having to eat anything & not to drink even a drop of water till the evening. I have gone to temple in the morning & had bananas from priest that were offered to the God. I kept carefully those two bananas wrapped up in a paper at a corner of my baggage to have them in the evening at the end of my fasting.

It was a tedious journey to reach the airport in time, the moment I reached at 8pm I hastily pulled out and unwrapped the bananas to eat. But here was an unusual habit of mine made the surrounding people to look at me as a ragged person. Since the age in my childhood that exactly I couldn't remember I used to eat banana like that, after peeling of a banana I would eat first white fibre on the peel by scratching with my lower teeth and then eat banana flesh without knowing the niceties.

The whole essence of my habit is to have a slight bitter before tasting the sweet. After having bitter taste of the peel fibre, the banana flesh gives the taste of hundred times sweeter than normal. So inadvertently I followed my procedure in eating of the banana. Some people around me passed a disgusting look and one person couldn't resist his irritation by questioning my eating behaviour. I completed the process quietly and answered.

" Life is also like eating a banana for me, it is a symbolic gesture that before tasting the sweetness of life we have to taste the bitter part of life hardships. The taste of sweetness would be multiplied when it was preceded by the bitterness"

Therefore always there is a contrast in all our emotions and activities throughout the human life.

Unless there is a good sleep we are not active in the morning.

Unless there is sweating of our body, we can't feel the pleasure of cool breeze.

Without pains we don't know the value of pleasures.

Without risk in the life we can't get rewards.

There is a equilibrium all over . We can not be in a continuous state of single emotion throughout our lives. We have to undergone both kinds of negative & positive actions, emotions & thoughts. Then the human life is in a balanced state.


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