I Am Unique

By Sonia Kaur • November 2, 2015

I was surprised to read that have you ever seen anyone like you. Same eyes, same voice, same face etc. No one is same like us in the world. God has made us unique then why to be like others.

Everybody has different personality and different style but we are busy in seeing others and following them to be like them but we forget that in our surroundings many wants to be like us because they find uniqueness in us which we even haven't realised.

Look at toddlers they don't know what is complex, competition, coping and confidence. They live according to their style. Their every prank is different. Their talks are so unique and they are full of positivity that everybody gets attracted towards them.

God has given everyone a talent. Some are toppers, some are singer, artist, dancers, comedian. What is our passion we have to find it through staying alone and spending time with our own self. Keep your cell phone aside, switch off the tv, music player and ask some questions from your own self and search an answer by your heart. These questions will let you know yourself.

Everybody is beautiful. Some have beautiful eyes, some have good looks, fascinating voice, million dollar smile. Stand in front of mirror and judge yourself as you judge others like she has beautiful hands, voice etc.

Always be thankful and live in your own style atlast you are different from everyone. Keep on saying that I AM UNIQUE.


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