An Apple To Remember, With Affection!

By Viviane Carneiro • October 30, 2015

It happened to me in 2012 or 2013 not quite remember the year, but I will never forget what happened.

At that time I worked in a professional training company.My job was outside, so was much of the time working on the street, standing, took a lot of sun and occasional rain. My job was to interview as many people as possible and fill at least 30 questionnaires within 6 hours.The lunch was well fast, the boss said we had only 15 minutes for lunch. So, on a Saturday morning and sunny, typical of the Amazon, I'll never forget, I was the target of a beautiful, selfless act of a guy. Not all people wanted to collaborate with my work and respond to the questionnaire and on Saturdays it was harder to count on the cooperation of people.

I was in a square near a bus station, which was the busiest place in town on Saturdays. I saw him sitting on the bench, a simple guy, seemed very humble.I spoke to him and he agreed to answer to my questionary. The guy appeared to be very young and he was of the interior of the Amazon.

Suddenly he took a package and offered me an apple.I was quite surprised , while he insisted and so I ended up giving in and I thanked him.

He saw that I worked hard and he solved,unselfishly, give a gift for a stranger.A simple gift but that was from the heart.I am very happy to exist still simple and selfless people these days.


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