Maybe A Little Pinch Of Sweetness?

By Gayathri Sreeni • October 22, 2015

To the people who are need of a sense of realization,

We all are humans who tries to cling over the good times we had in the past. Mostly we even might have wished the things to be just like how it was in the past, or more like might have even tried to brush up all the memorable stuffs. In middle of all these haven't we regretted for what all the chances we missed? Or like missing the good old times we had? Well well this isn't about recollecting the past but rather than finding out the joy in everything.


Before finding joy out there is something that we must have. A belief that whatever we are going through is all for... well you know it ... a "reason"

I happened to meet a boy of 8 years, I always found him giggling around. Out of my curiosity I asked him what made him so happy. The thing he said was that, his happiness lied on how much he saw things with fun and mystery. True indeed. Don't we feel funny when all the troubles of our come together at once?

Rather than being worried about what is happening around us why don't we just see the things lightly, with a hope that whatever is happening is just an obstacle that makes us stronger?

If we have faced the bittersweet part of life then is the problem that you are facing is a big thing? Sometimes, we might have lost hope on everything that was really happening but ... didn't we survive that?

If we could outcome all these, then why feel like you are the little fish of a large pond?

The thing that we, including me, hate is being left alone in the fast moving world, the world where free wifi is easier to find than water.

But being left alone is just a time that lets you realize the wonders of life. Confused? Try being alone with yourself, see the things that we thought it would be.

Remember guys, no river flow through the same place ever again.. be grateful for what's happening now...

Good things are yet to happen.


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