By Sonia Kaur • July 20, 2015

Grief is an essential part of life. Grief is a jeweler who searches diamond within us. Without grief you will not value happiness. Grief helps us value our relations. During hard times we come to know real love of dear ones.

Why God gives us grief - because it is necessary to understand one own self and life. When we come into this world we all have made a promise with God to remember him but after reaching here we forget him and grief comes to remind us our made promise.

Grief takes nothing but gives wisdom and maturity. Grief comes into life to transform the personality. Grief is like a fire which burn all your bad habits and give birth to good deeds. Those who have faced hard times they can feel the change in them.

The lesson, grief teaches you, no other power of world, education, family, friends can teach you. Grief makes you understand people's grief and you become generous.

"The cure for the pain is in the pain" ~ Rumi

Every grief has some hidden message one only needs to listen. If you want to decrease your pain then share someone's pain.


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