People Are Not As They Seem

By Elaradon • June 2, 2015

I recently have had the obvious realization that people are not the same as they may appear. As someone who is different in person as I may appear to others observing from a distance, I understand this. Now I know this is the same as every other 'Don't judge a book by its cover' post on sites all over the internet, but I just want to help enforce that idea.

I just want people to remember that the person they see in the distance could be the complete opposite of what they first think. - The quietest people always have something on their mind and always have something they want to say. - The ones who don't show emotion are the ones that have the strongest feelings. - The least confident people are the ones with the best ideas

There are many other examples of these contradicting views of a person that I think we all need to realise. So just remember. People are not always as they seem.


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