Jesus Risotto

By Maricon • May 19, 2015

I am a single mom with a 20 year old daughter. I got separated when my daughter was only two months old. I was the only one who reared my daughter. It was my faith in God that pulled me through. He was my protector, provider and my partner.

This happened 5 years ago, I lost my job, so i started applying to different restaurants hoping and praying I get hired because I can not rely on anybody to provide for us but myself. God is good, fortunately, one of the big restaurants in town was impressed with my credentials and considered hiring me after passing the final test, which is to cook Risotto. There were 13 other candidates aside from myself and they were all culinary experts who worked in cruise ships and studied in culinary schools. They all know how to cook Risotto, except for me. I haven't cooked Risotto in my whole life and to top it all I am not a Chef.

I was second to the last one called to cook my Risotto dish. When I entered the kitchen, the other candidates were busy cooking and preparing the dish with ease. Now, it's my turn, before entering the kitchen I prayed, while I was cooking I was praying, I said, "Jesus, you know that I do not know how to cook this dish but I really need the job so please, cook it for me."

At last, we were all lined up for the Executive Chef to taste our dishes. One by one the candidates handed their creation to the EC and after tasting, he would place the dish on the table near him. At last, it's my turn, I handed him my Risotto creation, after tasting it he did not place on the table with the other 12 Risotto Dish. He called the last one as I was the second to the last and just the same he placed the dish on the table with the other 12 dishes.

We were all very nervous, the time has come for the Executive Chef to announce the best Risotto Dish. He said, "All your creations were good, but your Risotto is the best, it is very motherly."

At that instant I cried, I couldn't believe what I heard. I said, "Believe it or not Sir, I don't know how to cook that dish that is why I asked Jesus to cook it for me."

What happened on that day was a miracle. I got the job, because Jesus helped me. So friends, never give up and never lose hope, have faith. Miracles do happen to those who believe.


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