What You Can Do Today

By Joseph J. Mazzella • April 16, 2015

I was the third car back in a long line. We were stuck in the middle of town while the water

company dug through the pavement to reach a leaking water line. I looked around the street

while I waited not knowing that I was about to witness a minor miracle.

As I looked at one old house I saw a young mother walking quickly into it. Her face held a

curious combination of stress, worry, and silent desperation. Her eyes looked like they had been

crying for a long time. In her arms her 3 year old girl seemed to have absorbed her fear and was

clutching tightly around her Mom’s neck. Ten minutes later I watched as the mother and child

came back out. Their faces had been transformed. The mother’s smile was big and her eyes

were bright. The little girl was laughing and skipping around her Mom. The one other

difference was the big bag of food the Mom now held. The old house I later learned was the

home of a local food pantry.

Since that day I have twice used what little I had to help that food pantry to restock their

shelves. It felt so good to be able to help them help others. It felt so wonderful knowing that I

was working with God to keep the miracles going. It felt so right sharing my love to make this

world a better place.

What can you do today to make this world a better place? Today you can help fill a hungry

child’s belly. Today you can give a struggling family hope. Today you can ease another’s

sadness with your smile and kindness. Today you can uplift another with your joy. Today you

can make a minor miracle with your caring heart. Today you can send out ripples of love that

have no end. Today you can use what you have to make Earth a little more like Heaven. Today

you can make God smile and the angels sing. Do what you can today!


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