The Power Of Words

By Norman Dagle • March 24, 2015

There is an old saying that states, "You are what you eat." While this might be true, I think a better and more true statement would be, "You are what you say." Words have power that is matched by few things in this world. A few simple words strung together can lift someone up or knock them down. The words we choose to speak, I feel, have very real implications on our lives. If we choose to go around saying positive things not only to others, but also to ourselves, I think we will lead more positive lives. On the other hand, if we go around making jokes at other people's expense, saying negative things to people or even behind people's backs, or saying things like, "I'm not good enough," or, "My life sucks," how can we ever expect to lead a more positive live? Negative words and thoughts breed a negative life. In my experience, this is absolutely true.

There is one saying that I hear all the time and even catch myself saying that I think is the most dangerous of all. This saying is so simple and seems so harmless, but more than any other phrase we speak, I think this phrase can have the most lasting impact on our lives. What phrase am I speaking about? "I can't even imagine…."

"I can't even imagine living in a house like that!" "I can't even imagine having that kind of money." "I can't even imagine being as skinny as them." "I can't even imagine driving that car."

Somewhere between the freedom and bliss of childhood and the stress, bills, daily responsibility, kids, spouse, house, the list goes on and on, of adulthood, a lot of us lose our imagination. A lot of adults honestly can't imagine living in that big house, driving that fancy car, or having that career they always wanted. When they close their eyes and try to picture it, there is nothing. A lot of us also vocalize this lack of imagination with that simple phrase, "I can't even imagine…" Well guess what? If you go around with that kind of attitude and saying that phrase all the time, you won't have to bother imagining it, because it isn't going to happen. But maybe, just maybe, if we can make a slight change in our mindset and watch the words we speak, we can turn some of that negativity in our lives into positivity.

You remember a few years back when that book The Secret was all the rage? If you never read it, I can summarize it for you: having a positive mental attitude will make positive things happen in your live. I, personally, 100% agree with that, but the book honestly takes it too far in my opinion. I remember reading one part that talks about how some one started picturing in their mind that they were receiving checks in the mail and how they were going to spend the money. Suddenly, these mysterious checks started to arrive a little while later. Even for a believer such as myself, that is kind of a stretch. I am in no way saying that by cutting out the phrase, "I can't even imagine…" from you vocabulary, all of a sudden you will get a million dollars to buy that house, car, or whatever it is that you currently can't fathom having. What I am saying is that by saying those simple words, "I can't even imagine…" you are blocking out any chance of it ever happening. You are also putting yourself in a mindset that you will never achieve it so you won't ever start working towards it. And, of course, if you never start working towards something you want, it will never come to pass.

Many professional athletes and successful business people use this kind of positive thinking and vocalization to achieve their goals. An athlete will often times picture themselves lifting the championship trophy long before the time actually comes. Or they might picture themselves scoring the touchdown or hitting the home run. Business people will focus on getting the contract signed and will go about their business like it already has been even if it has not. I doubt you would ever be able to find a truly successful business person or champion athlete who says the words, "I can't even imagine…" This is because they can and do imagine, probably everyday since they were a little kid.

To try to wrap this up, I encourage each of you to take a few minutes and think about some of the things that you have used to fill in the blank behind the phrase, "I can't even imagine…" Then close your eyes and truly try to picture yourself living in that house, driving that car, having that amount of money in your bank account. It probably won't happen overnight, but if it is something you really want, stop telling yourself it will never happen and change it around. Instead of, "I can't even imagine living in that house." say something like, "How much fun would it be to live in that house?" Ask yourself silly questions like what color would the house be or how would you decorate the second floor bathroom? Slowly that blank canvas of your imagination will begin to show some color and you will be able to picture yourself in that house and it might spur you to start working towards it.

Don't ever say that you can't imagine something. With a little work, you can imagine it and with a little more work, you might just make it into a reality!

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