God Is Good

By William • March 10, 2015

Two years and three months ago my life was turned upside down. Three days before Christmas my wife and I noticed something strange with my two year olds left eye. Being the protective parents that we have always been we immediately took him to the children's ER. Are fears grew when we were referred to a specialist. After a agonizing couple of weeks we finally were at Duke. My two year old son was diagnosed with retinoblastoma. The emotions that we experienced were beyond belief. Worrying about a bruise or scratch like we normally did was gone. Our toddler had cancer and we were scared to death. I prayed and cried more in those few weeks then I had in my entire life. My son lost his left eye and has been cancer free for two years. He has not been affected in the slightest bit. He plays with his super hero figurines, plays tee ball, and most of all gets in trouble. With the new prosthesis that are becoming available it is hard to tell which eye was removed. Today my son had the normal checkup in the OR. While I was in the waiting room a young couple with a beautiful Fifteen month old daughter sat beside me. Normally I keep to myself and stay out of others business. Seeing their distressed facial expressions and also the tell tell glow in their daughters eye I began a conversation. Retinoblastoma is not a household word to many and the internet could be possibly the worst place to research the disease. Before I could even get through the introductions with the couple more families huddled around. Three families were going through the same thing I was two years ago. Three infants were going into surgery today to remove the cancerous eye. I'm not sure if they believed me when I said it's going to be ok until my son (four years old now) walked out of the OR in his ninja turtle pajamas and stained lips from pop cycles that the nurses provided. After the couples met my son I saw a since of relief in their faces. I am not a holy roller by any means but today I believe the good Lord made me open my normally shy mouth to speak his truth. Sometimes you encounter hardships in your life but The Lord provides the strength and courage. A small gesture or conversation can lead to great things. God is good.


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